How To Choose Christmas Gifts for Kids

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Christmas giftsImage by brungrrl via FlickrIf you are Christmas shopping for your own kids, I do not doubt you know what to get them. Shopping for other people's kids is a little more tricky. There are some guidelines to follow:

  1. Select age appropriate toys.
  2. Select toys which are not too noisy or too big for the child’s living situation.
  3. Select toys the child does not already have.
  4. Selecting toys which the parents consider to be acceptable.
  5. Selecting toys the child will enjoy.
This can make Christmas shopping for kids a little more difficult but does not make the shopping any less fun.

Selecting age appropriate toys
Make sure you get toys that are suitable for the child's age. Here are some reasons why:
  • Toys which are designed for older children might be potentially dangerous for younger children. For example, toys designed for children over the age of three may contain small pieces which pose a choking hazard. Children under the age of three still have a tendency to put objects into their mouth. So, for young children, make sure any part of the toy cannot be swallowed.
  • If the child is too young for the toy, they may be come easily frustrated because they can not use the toy appropriately. Conversely a child who is too old for a particular toy may become bored with the toy quickly.
Consider the child’s parents and their living situation
When choosing a gift, think about the living conditions of that child, such as the size of the living area and the proximity to neighbors. Specifically toys which are noisy may not be fitting for a child who lives in an apartment building with other apartment units nearby. Also, large toys such as a trampoline may not be suitable for a child who does not have a yard large enough to accommodate such a gift. Similarly large indoor items such as a foosball table would not be suitable for a child who does not have a dedicated toy room to accommodate such a large item. As a general rule, it is best to stick with small items which do not make much noise.

Consider the personal beliefs of the parents
You should not buy an item for a child if you know their parents are ethically opposed to such as item. Guns and violent video games are some examples of Christmas gifts which may offend the parents. There are many parents who do not allow their children to play with these items because they believe they promote violence. If you are not sure about the feelings of the parents, it is best not to select these items.

Consult the parents
Finally, when Christmas shopping for a child, it is wise to consult the parents first. This can be helpful for a couple of different reasons. First the parents can give some insight into the child’s hobbies and interests which may make selecting a gift easier. They may even suggest a specific item from the child’s Christmas list ensuring you are giving the child something he really wants for Christmas. Consulting the parents can also prevent you from giving the child a gift he already has. Try calling the parents before you make a purchase to suggest a particular item. They can let you know if they think the child will enjoy the item or if the child already has the item.

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