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If you ask your kids what they want for Christmas, they will probably mention one of the latest toys in the market. Are you up to date with the latest craze? You certainly do not want them to be disappointed come Christmas morning when they rush to the Christmas tree to see what Christmas gifts they got. If you get a good Christmas gift for your children, their happiness will be palpable for weeks and weeks to come, and that is a fact!

So, to help you be the "coolest" parents that ever walked the earth, here are 8 great Christmas gifts ideas for kids (more so for those age 6 and above):

  1. Electronic Pet - How about a pet dinosaur? How cool is that. Pleo Dinosaur
    may be a robotic pet but it is very life-like and demonstrates a surprising amount of personality, awareness and emotion. Starting out as a one week old dinosaur, you will see it grow in front of you. Definitely a great choice if you have dinosaur fans at home. Actually, grown-ups will love Pleo too. Just take a look at the video below.

    Now some people are saying D-REX Interactive Dinosaur is better then Pleo. It also has an independent personality and will respond to voice and touch. Yes, it can attack and obey on command. Not only is it a ferocious little fella, but loyal too. I'm sure your kids will have lots of fun with D-Rex.

    If your kid is not into dinosaurs, how about Tomy Robot
    . It's also had fantastic reviews. Those that have bought it say it's entertaining, fun, and educational. You can tell they really loved it, especially the rechargeable batteries. What tricks can it do? It features voice command recognition and can speak a vocabulary of over 200 words and phrases. What's more, he can dance, balance on one leg, perform his own special karate moves complete with self sound effects, and can motor forwards, backward, side-to-side or diagonally. He'll even lay down when he's had enough - and get back up again when it's time to go.

  2. If you haven't heard about Wii, then you can consider yourself in the dark ages -- well, that's what your children will say. Wii is the rage right now. What is it about? Video games of course. This superb gaming system offers a wide array of innovative features. Not only video games, you can do so many different things with the Wii. You can watch movie clips, TV shows and music tracks after you download them. The graphics, animations and sound of the Nintendo Wii are mesmerizing. The games are very stimulating and interesting. This item is a real hot seller. Some people share stories of lining up for 8 hours just to get this. So don't wait until it is sold out. Get it early, get it now. If you already own a Wii, then check out the latest latest Wii games and hardware.

  3. Wild Planet Toys - Very innovative toys. You can choose Wild Planet spygear toys for your secret agent wannabes. Or how about pirate toys to discover pirate treasures. There's also
    Wild Planet Hyper Dash to that challenges your speed, accuracy and agility. It's an award winning product. While children play, they also learn color, number recognition and basic math skills. They will be better listeners and have better coordination. Fun for the whole family.

  4. Bakugan Battle Pack is a game inspired from popular anime TV series "Bakugan Battle Brawlers". The game is very high in demand, so be quick to grab it. You may not find it in the stores anymore. You may not know what Bakugan is all about but I bet your kid does. A lot of kids are crazy over it. There's also a Bakugan Starter Pack

  5. EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles
    . Ever wanted to see what night vision was like? Feedback says this goggles produces good night images but a very narrow field of vision -- you can only view through your right eye. So, it's good for snooping and spying in the dark, but not that great if you have to navigate your way around. For this low price, it's great fun. Other night vision goggles fun into a few hundred dollars.

  6. EyeClops Bionic Eye Multizoom
    . Go crazy magnifying everything. See what your hair, carpet, hand, clothes and whatever look like when magnified 100, 200 or 400 times. It'll keep your kids busy for a few hours. Really! Even adults get a kick out of it.

  7. Bananagrams
    . Word game that is flexible. It is exciting and challenging for all ages. You can play it alone or with a group of people. Certainly fun during those family reunions or when friends come to visit. Easy to take with you when you go traveling too. Not a game you'll get bored with. Everyone who has played it, loved it.

  8. Melissa and Doug Deluxe Magic Set. Kids love magic tricks. Why not let them learn to perform magic tricks themselves? This set is great for beginners as the tricks are easy-to-learn. The set is sturdy and of good quality; not plastic but made of wood. Get this for your kid and let the show begin.

So there you have it, 8 great Christmas gifts ideas for kids. I've done the research for you and these come with the best reviews. Choose from these 8 ideas and your kid won't be disappointed.

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