Gift-Passing Games For Any Christmas Party

Posted by Ai Lian Lim at 8:20 AM

If you're trying to come up with a type of game to play this Christmas season that will please whatever crowd you're throwing a party for, Right and Left gift-passing games are the way to go!

The great thing about Right & Left games is they are suitable for any age range, as long as the players can tell their right from left. Gift-passing games also serve as a great ice-breakers, since they allow full group interaction.

In these super fun games, gifts are passed out to every 3 or so people. So, for instance, if you have a group of 20 people, be sure to have at least 6-7 gifts to disperse between them. Then, let the fun begin!

The party host or hostess begins reading the story and the guests begin passing the games. They pass them to the left when the word left is mentioned and to the right when the word right is mentioned. When the story is finished, whoever has the gift in their possession gets to keep it!

Here are three great gift-passing games for different Christmas party scenarios that we love!

Christian Christmas

Adult Christmas

Children's Christmas


Choose Your Christmas Gifts

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