St Patrick's Day Fun For the Whole Family

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17th March is St. Patrick's Day. Why not have friends over for a little get together. You don't have to be Irish to celebrate this event.
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Below are some ideas for a fun day for the family. Enjoy!

St Patrick's Day Fun For the Whole Family
By Sue Bojahra

St. Patrick's Day is a wonderful day to celebrate and take part in the Irish heritage. It's a fun holiday and you don't even have to be Irish to enjoy it. This St. Patrick's Day why not get the whole family involved in some good, wholesome fun? Take part in some outdoor activities as well as some indoor ones. Here are some great ideas for your family to enjoy this month. There are a lot of Okanagan events your family can get involved in so join right in.

Shamrock Scavenger Hunt

This is a lot of fun for a group of kids to do. Make shamrocks out of cardstock or purchase readymade ones. You divide the group into two if you want for more of a challenge. What you are going to do is hide the shamrocks around the house, your backyard or even one of the Okanagan parks. But before you hide them you want to provide a clue on each one to where the next shamrock is hidden. Give the kids a shamrock in an envelope with instructions on how to get started and a hint as to where the first clue is hidden. You want the scavenger hunt to lead to something fun! Try having the last shamrock be a coupon for their favorite treat or some small gold chocolate candies.

Shamrock Shakes

These are easy to make at home. All you need is vanilla ice cream (or pistachio), vanilla flavoring, milk and green food coloring. You also need a blender or smoothie maker. For a single serving simply place a scoop or two of ice cream in the blender, add ½ - 1 cup milk, depending on how thick you like it, a ¼ teaspoon vanilla and a few drops off green food coloring. Blend and enjoy! The perfect dessert for a St. Patrick's Day dinner.

Corn Beef and Cabbage

This is a traditional Irish dish and you can make a simple version kids enjoy. You will need a head of cabbage, beef broth and Spam luncheon meat. Cut up the cabbage into small chunks, cube the Spam and place everything in a large pot of beef broth. Simmer until cabbage is tender and enjoy.

Shamrock Pins

These are simple to make and can be given as gifts to friends and family. You will need green felt or fun foam, pin backs (available at any craft store), craft glue and glitter. You might also like to use fabric paints to decorate your shamrocks.

Once you have gathered all of your supplies you simply trace a shamrock pattern onto the felt or fun foam. You can easily find a template on the internet if you can't draw own. Cut out the shamrocks. Decorate by putting glue around the edges of the shamrock and sprinkling with glitter. You can also draw tiny rainbows on them if you like. You may want to write the person's name on the pin. After your shamrock has dried, glue the pin back to it. Sometimes you can find sticky backed pins and then all you have to do is peel and stick in place.

Play Pin the Shamrock on the Leprechaun

Print out or purchase a large picture of a leprechaun. Make several shamrock pins but do not put the pins on the back. Mark a spot on the leprechaun's shirt where the pin should go. Now play just like you do pin the tail on the donkey only you try to get the shamrock pin in the right place.

Your whole family will enjoy these fun Okanagan events. Why not get together with several families and have a St. Patrick's Day party? The kids will love it and you will get to spend time with friends as well as your family.

Sue Bojahra
Okanagan4Kids Family Directory

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