Russell Rhodes Personalized Christmas Ornaments

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Imagine Christmas without a Christmas tree. A sad scene isn't it? A Christmas tree made beautiful with twinkly lights and ornaments lightens up the holiday season in a special way. The Christmas tree can be a treasure trove of memories when decorated with personalized Christmas ornaments. You will find a wide selection of these unique personalized ornaments at Russell Rhodes.

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  • Glass Christmas tree ornaments, glass ball Christmas ornaments and hand blown glass ornaments. They are not machine made but are hand painted by artists. Russell Rhodes now features a special collection of European blown glass ornaments by Christopher Radko. He's a well known designer.
  • Anniversary ornaments. Commemorate your years together, through thick and thin and ups and downs with a special Christmas ornament. Start a collection, get one every year.
  • Dog and cat ornaments. For pet lovers, you can include them into the celebration too. Make place on the Christmas tree for an ornament for them.
  • Family ornaments. Great idea to give this as a Christmas gift for couples or family friends. Inexpensive yet meaningful. You have a choice of glass engraved ornaments, beautifully hand crafted ornaments and stained glass ornaments.
  • Photo and frame ornaments. You can insert a memorable photo into this type of ornament. Have a few of these and your Christmas tree will be a tree of wonderful memories.
  • Love ornaments. This could be a romantic gift. Every Christmas, this ornament will hang as a reminder of how special he/she is to you.
  • Wedding ornaments. Getting married is such an exciting new chapter in a person's life. Document it with an ornament. Russell Rhodes wedding ornaments have received plenty of praise. You can choose from blown glass ornaments and resin ornaments, each meticulously sculpted in 3 dimensional splendor.
  • Baby's first Christmas ornaments. Parents are very excited over "baby's first"s e.g. baby's first smile, baby's first tooth, baby's first roll-over, baby's first step, baby's first word etc.... And so, you'd want to remember baby's first Christmas too. There are so many cute, cute, cute ornaments at Russell Rhodes to celebrate baby's first Christmas. You really have to check it out.
  • Kids ornaments. You won't find cartoon characters here, only high quality personalized ornaments that highlights your children's achievements and interests. There are ornaments for your artists, playstation or computer game wizard, race car driver, ballerina, trains fan and many more.
  • Ornament for the expecting mom/couple. Note down this momentous occasion with a memorable ornament. The recipient will be very happy to receive such a gift.
  • Military ornaments. You'll find ornaments for those serving in the Navy, Marine, Army and Air Force.
  • Discount Christmas ornaments. You can save money on these Christmas ornaments. Beautiful and cheap.

There are many more Christmas ornaments available. You can choose whether or not you want to personalize these ornaments. Many of the items allow you to write a custom message on the back of the ornament. Yes, you can include a message written from your heart. This will not only make your gift unique but also memorable and cherished.

The merchant says they ship orders within 72 hours. You can go to your account to check your order status.

If you receive a defected item, call them immediately at 214-335-3548, report it, and obtain a Return Authorization number. Make sure you return the item in it's original packing and as advised by their Customer Service Advocate. But not to worry, they claim that they've never had an item returned for reasons of defect.

They pack their items with custom foam triple-thick inserts or whatever it takes to be sure your items arrive safely. If indeed the item was damaged in transit, it is important you keep all the packaging.

If the error is their fault, they will send you the corrected item within 3 days. They'll pay for it. Just make sure the error is not your fault. Double... no triple check your personalized message. Get the names spelled right. If you made a mistake, they will help you for a nominal fee. However, there are some things they cannot change for you. But they will try their best to accommodate you.

The Christmas ornaments at Russell Rhodes is very unique, of high quality and cannot be found anywhere else on the web. They have a vast selection. It's value for money. You can make Christmas a little more special with their personalize Christmas ornaments.

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