Thanksgiving Goodies That Make Excellent Gifts

Posted by Ai Lian Lim at 5:39 PM


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3D Turkey Cookie Kit

Put together this unique Thanksgiving Turkey centerpiece!

Secret Sauce Gravy Boat

Use this humorous gravy boat for all the family gatherings.Makes a great hostess gift for Thanksgiving or any “gravy” dinner.

Harvest Cookies – Minis

Our custom hand-decorated mini cookies will highlight any occasion or brighten anyone’s day. These edible minis are perfect to welcome the cooler weather and the changing colors.

Burgundy & Gold Baklava Assortment

Made with over 50 layers of paper-thin phyllo dough and filled with a delectable assortment of super-premium walnuts, cashews, pine nuts and pistachios, this Baklava Assortment is just heavenly!!

Pumpkin Pie Apple

Once they have this festive Thanksgiving dessert, they’ll never want another!This giant Granny Smith apple is drenched in creamy pumpkin flavored caramel, hand dipped in smooth chocolate coating, rolled in graham crackers and stripped in orange flavored chocolate to give it the finishing touch.

Fall Festival Lollipop Bouquet

Welcome the new season with this “Harvesting” lollipop bouquet. Enjoy 16 hand-poured autumn themed lollipops nestled in a beautiful leaf embellished container. Lollipops in the shape of leaves, pumpkins, turkeys and more are sure to brighten the lucky recipients’ day.

Giant Gingerbread Man

Run, run, as fast as you can!You can’t catch me!I’m the Gingerbread Man… Order our 2 lb. Giant Gingerbread Man before we “RUN” out of these delicious cookies. Each cookie is hand decorated, stands approximately 12″ tall and is individually boxed with ribbon. Makes a great gift.

Fall Feast Jar

As bright and colorful as fall leaves, our imported melon jar is filled with Hershey’s miniature chocolate bars, orange and lemon hard candy drops and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.Perfect for a friend or the entire staff.In warmer climates we may not be able to ship using ground delivery.

Bear”-er of Autumn Oreos Wheel

This delightful fall gift features our exclusive container filled with delicious Autumn Chocolate Dipped Oreos. Enrobed in delicious Belgian Chocolates – dark, milk, or white – they’re decorated with candy Autumn Leaves. Our adorable Russ Teddy Bear is the “Bear”-er of this Autumn treat.

Fall Dozen Brownies

They’ll fall in love with this just-because autumn gift.All of the 12 Fairytale flavors are placed in our classic box with an attractive gift band featuring a fall scene.

The Thanksgiving Box of Questions

The box of questions was designed to help you connect with your loved ones during the holiday season in a more meaningful way. This year exchange ideas, dialogue, and bond with your family and friends like never before.

Autumn Bounty Gift Basket

Send a bountiful harvest of delicious gourmet goodies. This beautiful fall bushel basket is filled to overflowing with the delicious tastes of creamy walnut fudge, chocolate chip biscotti, cinnamon caramel corn and more. A delicious way to welcome the fall season.