Cool Kids Toys: Babies 6 Months +

Posted by Ai Lian Lim at 11:28 PM

What would make good Christmas gifts for babies? Through my experience, babies usually get 2 kinds of gifts: clothes and toys. In this blog post, let's talk about toys. Young babies like newborns don't really play with toys. So, let's talk about what would be some cool toys for babies around 6 months old? Here is a list for your consideration:

  • Bath Toys
    When it comes to babies, bath time is more than just washing off dirt. It's also fun time. Babies love squirters. Nowadays there are squirt toys better than a rubber ducky. Consider cups of different sizes too. My kids love to play with these fancy plastic cups in the bath. All these squirting and pouring activities during bath time are not only fun but also helps baby's motor skills.
  • Fabric Balls
    These usually have tinkling bell sounds when its rolled or shaken. There are so many ways to play with a ball: roll it, throw it, bounce it, kick it, bat it, cuddle it, spin it etc....
  • Stroller Or Crib Toys
    These are toys that you attach to the stroller and crib to keep baby occupied. They are usually colorful to catch baby's attention. Some have music or make noise when played with. Others allow baby to manipulate it like tugging, stretching, twisting, shaking etc....

    HABA Rattling Caterpillar Grabbing Clip

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  • Clutching Toys
    Clutching toys are best for infants 6-18 months old. Some clutching toys can double up as teethers. I think HABA has very good clutching toys. They are made from beech wood and do not use toxic paint. So your baby is safe to chew on it. Clutching toys will help baby develop grasping skills.
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