25 Top Christmas Gifts For Her

Posted by Ai Lian Lim at 1:04 AM

What would make a perfect gift for your girlfriend or wife? Here are my 25 top Christmas gifts for her.

  1. Jewelry - Bangles, Necklaces, Pendants, Earrings, Rings. Try personalized jewelry for a romantic touch. Spoil her with designer jewelry at SpoilHer.com
  2. Flowers - Traditional but still makes a girl feel special.

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  3. Edible Gifts - Cookie bouquets, designer cakes, Christmas candy gifts, message candy. Specially for women with a sweet tooth. Find the Best Candy Bouquets Only at EdibleGiftsPLUS
  4. Gift basket - Rest and relaxation bath and spa set, gourmet chocolates and snacks, skin care products. You can create your own gift baskets over at Design It Yourself Gift Baskets. Click here to check out an iPod gift basket at their Gifts for Her page. Husbands, you should take over the chores for a day so she can pamper herself with the gift basket.
  5. Perfume.

  6. Photo Book - Highlight what you love about her, or a memory book about the times you cherish together.
  7. Laser Stars Light Show Planetarium - Using groundbreaking green laser technology, the Laser Stars Light Show Planetarium is able to create a completely convincing celestial display that will blanket your entire room with thousands of moving stars and nebulous clouds. You can say you're giving her the universe. 
  8. Gift voucher for a day at the spa - make it more special by joining her at the spa.
  9. Special dinner in a romantic environment - garden full of lights. If you can, cook the dinner yourself.
  10. Scented candles, aromatherapy essential oils and 1 hour of massage. You be the masseuse.
  11. A vacation together.
  12. A CD of songs that make you think of her.
  13. Make her the princess of the day. Take care of her chores for her. Either you do it or hire someone to do it for her. Take her to a fancy dress shop and let her choose any dress she wants. Maybe even a makeover session. Then take her out for the evening. Dinner, dancing, theatre, whatever she likes.
  14. Get tickets to a play that she's been dying to see or to a concert that's coming to town.
  15. Digital camera. If she's already got one, maybe she's looking to upgrade to a DSLR. Then she can take better pictures for scrapbooking, blogging or home business. Canon seems to be the favorite choice. Click this affiliate link to check out the bestsellers in Digital Cameras.
  16. Silk pajamas
  17. Timeless message in a bottle
  18. Gold rose
  19. Personalized photo calendar - have pictures of her or both of you together along with special messages from you.
  20. A pen set with a floating globe - Give her the world. This is not a typical pen holder. It has a globe that hovers and rotates. Very cool. A unique gift for a working girl's desk.
  21. If you can't get away for a vacation, book a night at a nice hotel in town where they have nice food, jacuzzi, in-house spa, nice fluffy pillows etc.... A night to unwind and relax.
  22. Digital Scrapbooking Software - give her an easy way to turn all those pictures on her computer into a work of art. 
  23. An iPod or mp3 player.
  24. An iPhone.
  25. Arrange with a photo studio or professional photographer to take photos of both of you. Be creative. Dress up in different clothes and go to different places. Make it fun. Then choose your best ones and frame it up.
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