10 Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

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You know how it is, you go to all the effort to find and buy the perfect gift but you have no idea how to wrap it. You want to make it look special but hate all the usual wrapping papers. You've tried the gift bags but want something different for your special gift. And it seems such a waste of money because they all just end up being thrown away.

Here are ten great ideas for gift wrapping. They are very different from what you might usually use. You'll find something suitable for men and women, kids and adults. And it doesn't have to be expensive, unless you want it to be.

1. Use a scarf. This is a great idea for that special woman, whether she is your wife, girlfriend or mum. Scarves are always in fashion in one form or another. They can be cheap cotton or expensive silk. No messing with tape here either simply fold it around the gift then tie the ends together. Quick, easy and beautiful. Not only that but they get to keep the scarf as well.

2. Dish towels, tablecloths or aprons. Following the same idea, this can be great for relatives living overseas, granny or that favorite old aunt. I'm sure they'll love the "2 gifts in 1" idea. Fold it around the gift and tie in place with a ribbon.

3. T-shirt. This can be a great idea for a guy or girl, adult or child. Again just fold around the gift and tie with a ribbon.

4. Recycle catalogs and magazines. You may not think much of it but the outcome is really nice. Catalog and magazine pages are very colorful. Choose pages that have images related to your gift. If you want to see how this is done, check out this page: Recycled Wrapping

5. Handbag or purse. This one is especially for the ladies. The small cotton purses are ideal as they can be fairly cheap but are flexible enough to put a range of gifts inside. Just make sure your main gift can fit inside before you buy it. I would think personalized gifts watches would fit nicely inside. Don't just throw the gift inside there. Wrap it with some colored tissue first.

6. Belt or tie. For a different way to hold the wrapping on that gift in place use a tie or belt. Even a bow tie would look fantastic. Then he can wear it later.

7. Bandana or knit cap. Children would love these. After wrapping the gifts, you could use barrettes, fancy rubber bands or cute pins to secure it.

8. Chain or necklace. Another beautiful, unique way to finish off your wrapping. This again can be as cheap or expensive as you can afford. Wrap it around and clasp into place. She won't rip this off too quickly, but then again she might.

9. Make your own paper. Here's an idea if you are a traditionalist and like wrapping with paper. Rather than just painting brown paper you can make something more special. Lay a sheet of waxed lunch wrap on an ironing board. Sprinkle with flower petals, leaves or confetti. Anything that will lay flat and is colorful and unique will work well. Lay another piece of waxed paper over the top. Cover with a thick cloth and press with a hot iron. The heat will melt the wax and bond the sheets together. All done.

10. Add accessories. Be creative with the gift tags too. You could use Christmas ornaments. Instead of ribbons, try different kinds of string like natural raffia. Add some plastic flowers or cherries, twigs and pine needles to brighten the look.

Hope these 10 creative gift wrapping ideas make your Christmas presents more special for your loved ones this year.

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