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Did you know you have a wonderful Christmas gift hibernating in your computer? All those digital photos that you've been keeping can be converted into a unique personal gift. How? Create a photobook! All those wonderful pictures of family would make a great Christmas gift for grandparents, especially if they live far away. A photobook will keep them updated on what the family has been up to the past year. And if their memory is not as good as it used to be, the photobook can be a way for them to remember the people they love. It also makes a great way to "show-off" their grandchildren to friends.

Another idea is to create a photobook to document the life of your parents. Of course this may take a little more work as digital cameras didn't exist way back then. You will have to scan in those old photographs. However, I'm sure they will be touched by your effort and will greatly appreciate the gift. It would be like telling them they will never be forgotten and the story of their lives will be passed down from generation to generation. You would be doing your posterity a great service too by connecting them with their ancestors.

You can create photobooks for each child too. Documenting their life from when they were cute little babies and capturing special moments as they grew can be a fun project. I bet they would be excited to receive a magazine like book dedicated to them, especially for children that have already grown up and are ready to lead a life of their own.

If you are a wonderful cook, why not turn your talent into a gift. With photobooks, you can create a recipe book. What a great keepsake!

There are many services out there that allow you to print a photobook such as Shutterfly, MyPublisher, and Blurb. However, Picaboo has had great reviews and comes highly recommended. Search the internet and you'll find these comments made about it:
  • Picaboo offers considerably more creative options, from page layouts to fonts. You can also add more text to a Picaboo book, turning it into a child's storybook, a travel journal, or something else equally well-annotated.
  • EASY interface, good quality, 50% off your first book made with them and OUTSTANDING Customer service. Also has the best layouts by far and free backgrounds to use (comment made in a forum).
  • The free Picaboo software is willing to double as your photo organizer and photo-sharing tool.
  • Karen Schmautz said "I like picaboo because I can download the bookmaking software onto my computer and they have great layouts that make bookmaking quite easy. They also have great service. (Last year my three books were delivered on Christmas Eve, much to my delight. However, two of the books were the ones I made, but the third one was another family’s memories…even though the cover had our family’s picture on it. Picaboo responded quickly and apologetically for the error, sending me a new book without charge.)"
  • One Crazy Bunch said, "The web site is very easy to navigate and the tools to build the many styles of books they offer are easy to understand and use... I downloaded the free software (took about 10 min to download), spent approximately 20 minutes getting familiar with the different tips, styles and options that are offered and then spent another 15 minutes customizing a digital scrapbook of my grandson Baby V. You can check out user created books to get ideas to help you get started or just design your on style. There are many themes to choose from, your not stuck with one theme for every page of your book. There are so many options with the services offered by Picaboo, you can make photo cards for Christmas, Birth Announcements or any occasion, photo books, brag books, digital scrapbooks, catalogs for you business, recipe books to save favorite and family recipes and story books with your photos. The possibilities are endless..."
  • Christy's 101 in 1001 said, "I just got an email from someone in customer service at Picaboo. They actually saw this blog and wanted to contact me about it - they apologized for the cover mistake and gave me a coupon towards a future purchase. I wasn't even going to bother with complaining to them about the book; I think most of the services out there are probably pretty much hit or miss. So, although it seemed a bit stalker-ish to me (what can I say, I'm internet naive), I do appreciate their concern! How's that for customer service! :)"
So, you don't have to be a scrapbook genius to create these wonderful memory books. If you're looking for a unique, personalized Christmas gift this year, choose to create a photobook. Click the text below for more information:
Picaboo - Gift Ideas for everyone on your list. Make your book with Free design software. Then, buy 1 get 1 free with coupon code 1PB1GF-CB

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