A Gourmet Christmas Gift Is Unforgettable

Posted by Ai Lian Lim at 3:47 PM

Would you like to give an unforgettable Christmas gift this year? Instead of picking something off the shelf, why not send a delicious meal instead? When buying a gift, your biggest concern is always "will he/she like it?" If you send a gourmet Christmas gift, you can be certain it will be enjoyable. Who wouldn't appreciate top restaurant quality food being delivered to their door step? I bet your mother or wife would like that break from the kitchen. Why not reward her with a sumptuous 5-star gourmet cuisine this Christmas? Or if you are looking for a gift for your couple friend, send them a romantic dinner gift for two.

How does it work?
The meal is shipped frozen in insulated containers with dry ice. All you need to do is just pop it into the oven or microwave. Instructions on how to prepare the food is included. Simple, easy and delicious.

If you don't know what gourmet food to select, you can present them with a gift certificate. This will allow the recipient to pick their own menu and have it delivered to their door.


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